In  1992, the emerging world of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) began to  have significant impact on the engineering processes of Cabinet-makers,  Furniture-makers and Case-goods manufacturers of all sizes… CAM  presented business of all sizes with product cost efficiencies, labor  savings, shorter lead-times, less waste/drop and other benefits that  were too attractive to ignore.

Pattern Systems International Inc.  had developed of a wide variety of software solutions that addressed  Parametric Cabinet Configuration/Construction, Part/Component Machining,  Product and Part Labeling and Flat Panel Optimization for both  standalone and integrated application.  Small, medium and large  businesses went looking for additional external resources to assist them  in adopting and ADAPTING those technologies to their unique  manufacturing processes.

Steve Lyons began working with a  high-end, custom kitchen manufacturing plant in Central New Jersey;  developing and implementing the specific formulae and cabinet  construction rules that THEY needed in their Pattern Systems  software.  As a result of the successes they achieved, word spread about  Steve’s capabilities, understanding of “real world manufacturing  issues” and clear and concise methods of working with real people.

In  1995, as a result of Steve’s fast growing reputation and his extensive  knowledge of construction techniques (both the popular and the unique),  Pattern Systems senior management team reached out to Steve as a  resource to assist them in ongoing development, design and deployment of  new revisions of their products.  Steve wrote the original PSI catalog  when Product Planner was ported over to Windows.  He became the  “certified trainer/custom-catalog developer of choice” referred by  Pattern Systems when their customers needed specific and unique  modifications to their catalog and construction formulae. 

From  this extensive catalog work, Steve developed a series of easily  modifiable catalog templates with a wide range of construction and  joinery methods for Product Planner and Drill-Mate integrated or  Stand-alone application, which he launched in 2005.

Steve  continued the relationship with 20-20 Technologies (developers of 20-20  Design software), who purchased Pattern Systems in 2008.  He then worked  closely with 20-20 and the former Pattern team in the development and  testing of the Shopware product suite which was the next evolution of  the Pattern Systems software, intended to interface with 20-20 Design.

In  2012, as a result continued growth in his client base and improving  stability in the cabinetry manufacturing world, Steve founded  Pro2040.  The focus is to better serve Small, Medium and Large  businesses who are still running Pattern Systems or Shopware software in  their shop or who had purchased the software but never properly  implemented and integrated it. 

The team at Pro2040 now provides  the BEST IN CLASS solutions for Training, Implementation, Catalog  Customization, Reporting and many other benefits to a thriving and  growing customer population throughout North America!